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Learning Grace

We met before,
so many times
in different places
with different faces.

‘You will go
till you know’,
the sisters said
‘this is your learning’.

And again I slipped
into the yearning:
for excitement,

‘I told you before,
detach from self’
spirit sister says.

We too have met before,
she is my guide,
in the sisterhood of grace’
we all have a role – it varies.

I feel embarrassed,
withdraw, and hide.
‘Come into the circle
we will hold you
with your failings,
rise- again and again   –
try further, you are nearly there
Feel it, can you see it’?
the moment of grace
Love – not possessing
Love –  appreciating
The beauty of the other
as a wondrous gift
so precious.

Feeling Love,
not wanting, expecting,
to a surprised other
who shines Love back
for a deep moment,
pure joy

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  1. beautiful and touching

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