Loyalty brought us together,
one, escaping danger,
barely alive.
The other, opening the door,
to healing.

Your partner’s loyalty to a friend,
you honouring his –
taking risks, yet generous –
loyalty set us on this path.

I saw my friend’s eyes begging,
to join him on a dangerous mission,
I agreed out of loyalty
as he had to his brother who asked.

And, so we met,
I, injured and unconscious
you, gathering healing forces
In a faraway land –
A magic journey, over life times
then, now and yet to be – all in the moment.

Awakening to your smile,
encouraging touch:
‘Live! It is meant’
you whispered into my ear.
I raised a finger,
from far away, strength brought a smile.

You touched my hand
and stepped outside.
‘She will heal, she will live’

Part II

Weeks later,
returning from a journey,
you walked into the garden.

I rose from the chair in the sun,
covered my shoulders,
leaning on a crutch
I walked towards you.

We smiled, locked eyes,
our hands touched in greeting.

Goosebumps formed on my arm
and yours –
we both stood in awe and knew
that God’s Love vibrated between us
Love of a higher order –
for time to come.

Moments of longing
gave way – not easily at times –
so clear though the understanding
of purpose to be shared:

To serve to lead –
guiding young women
on their path to succeed.

Part III

We will meet again – soon –
in a faraway land – mine.

We are older,
at this moment of life times,
set in a rhythm – each.

Is it my turn to offer healing to you,
to the young ones in your land?
It will be shown to us,
we will know, already do.

Trust grows between us
and so does loyalty.

Honouring the other
who stands so valiantly
for Love and Grace