slider_5Reise ins Unendliche,
to the centre of the earth,
the other side of the moon
and into the sun filled sky…
while splashing
through soft rippling ocean waves,
mit einander.

Love of a higher order
schrieb ich dir,
Liebe Deinen Naechsten,
sagtes Du,
deine Augen glaenzten.

Support life, show Love.

Intimate, separate,
moments of deep closeness,
passing effortlessly
in and out of each other’s space

Respect for the other,
magnificent flow,
like the gentle waves we watched.

God’s magic Love,
a drop at a time
cherished – with joy – gratitude
wonder, oh wondrous wonder.
Ich danke Gott fuer dich,
eine grosse Gnade.

Until another summer’s day
…with you.