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A Magic Summer’s Day

slider_5Reise ins Unendliche,
to the centre of the earth,
the other side of the moon
and into the sun filled sky…
while splashing
through soft rippling ocean waves,
mit einander.

Love of a higher order
schrieb ich dir,
Liebe Deinen Naechsten,
sagtes Du,
deine Augen glaenzten.
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The Beauty of Our Human Connectedness

Vuyo Koyana invited me to Winnie Madikizela – Mandela’s 80th birthday celebration at the Artscape Opera house in Cape Town.

Winnie in Xhosa attire with Marlene le Roux, CEO Artscape

Winnie in Xhosa attire with Marlene le Roux, CEO Artscape

Vuyo and I have known each other for many years. Often, I listen with rapture to her stories of life under Apartheid, how she coped, excelled, and now works as a successful entrepreneur, leading the Pan-African market on Long Street, and as a psychologist, facilitating diversity workshops. She is spiritually deeply grounded and straddles diverse traditional and cultural environments with ease and aplomb. I often return from our meetings filled with warmth, inspiration and admiration for her beauty and generosity.
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