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A Magic Summer’s Day

slider_5Reise ins Unendliche,
to the centre of the earth,
the other side of the moon
and into the sun filled sky…
while splashing
through soft rippling ocean waves,
mit einander.

Love of a higher order
schrieb ich dir,
Liebe Deinen Naechsten,
sagtes Du,
deine Augen glaenzten.
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Loyalty – a dream

Loyalty brought us together,
one, escaping danger,
barely alive.
The other, opening the door,
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Learning Grace

We met before,
so many times
in different places
with different faces.

‘You will go
till you know’,
the sisters said
‘this is your learning’.

And again I slipped
into the yearning:
for excitement,

‘I told you before,
detach from self’
spirit sister says.

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